What is GAP Certification?

GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification is a certification farms and packing houses can receive to verify they are taking precautions to keep their crops safe and free of contaminants.  The USDA or another third party auditor performs an audit on the farm or at the packing house.  If there is a passing score, the farm or packing house receives GAP certification.  More and more consumers are starting to request or demand that farms/packing houses go through a GAP audit and become GAP certified before they will buy from them.

Why GAPCertification.com?

This site was created by folks who have worked on farms and are passionate about making life easier for farmers.  Smaller sized and diversified farms are vital for the functioning of a healthy economy, but they often have a difficult time competing in a market that rewards huge businesses.  GAP certification is a good way for some farms to prove to their customers that they are taking precautions to keep their produce safe, and being certified may enable them to compete with larger businesses.  As these audits are often seen as overwhelming and confusing, we hope the information on this site will make life a bit easier for farmers and enable them to make educated decisions about their food safety program.


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